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   Posted Jan 16, 2009 - Views: 2686

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  So I work for a Cadillac Dealership in a City that is known for its snooty people. They all have nice houses, and lots of money. These people are so freaking rediculouse its not even funny!!!!! They expect everyone to bow down and wait on them hand and foot because they drive a fuckin cadillac! There used to be an espresso machine in the waiting room... I swear the contents of that stupid thing had crack in it or something! It went out of order a lot and the owner is too freakin cheap to pay to have it fixed. So I put up an out of order sign on it saying sorry for the inconvience but temporarily out of order, you may enjoy some drip coffee in the next room. So this lady comes up to my desk, "Are you the one in charge of the coffee?" I say yeah it is in the next room would you like me to show you wher it is? She says "NO I want some espresso but I can't get the machine to work and you need to fix it for me!" I let her know sorry its not working right now the guy will be out next week to fix it. She got so pissed off she said this was the last time she was ever coming to this car dealership and she was going to write a nasty letter!!!! Seriousely!!! its a fuckin espresso machine! another guy comes up looking for a news paper... (there is about 2 feet of snow on the ground) asks where the paper is at. I let him know that it didnt' come in today due to the weather. His exact words to me and I quote "I cannot BELIEVE you don't have a newspaper for a CADILLAC customer!" and stormed off to complain. I kid you not!!! The customer service rep just happened to be visiting that day and had to go out and buy one just for the guy so he wouldn't write a nasty letter!! Oh it gets worse... if someone doesn't answer their phone the first time around here... which is often... the person will call back and back and back over and fuckin over! and when I ask if I can take a message... NO I'll just try calling again in five minutes. as if I have time to answer the phone to the same person overr and over for an hour until they give up! Or A lady comes up and askes me to make some coffee in the drip machine, of course thats my job so I get up and do it with no complaints... After the coffee is brewed I pull the pot out and go back to my desk. About 20 minutes later I walk in the check on the coffee and the lady shoots me this nasty look.... I'm like may I help you with something? She holds out her cup and says I'm still waiting for my coffee! as if I'm a fucking waitress!!!! Seriousely this is not a 5 Star Restaurant it is a CAR DEALERSHIP! I dont wait on you assholes hand and foot, I answer the phones and take your money!! damn I want to just slap em all and tell them to get a fuckin clue they aren't the center of the damn universe!!!!!!!
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