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   Posted Jan 20, 2009 - Views: 1702

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Part of my job is to prepare complicated written instructions for people to follow. I gave my boss a set for his review. This is the conversation…


“This is good, BigW, but we’re not going to have them install it this way. We’re going to do it the other way.”


“Okay” I say “I’ll update the information so the installers know the new…”


“No!” my boss interrupts “Don’t do that!”


“Perplexed I ask “How are the installers supposed to know?”


“I’ll tell them.” Says my boss “We don’t have time to re-write the instructions.”


“It would only take me five minutes to re-type!” I say “It’ll take half a day for you to go to the site and explain it to the guys.”


“I’m NOT going to the site to explain it to the guys.”


Puzzled I ask “Then… how will the guys know the new procedures?”


Angrily he replies “Well, they SHOULD KNOW that I WOULD TELL them!”




WTF kind of logic is that? We’re going to give the installers written instructions to follow… but we’re NOT going to tell them that we want it installed differently because… they SHOULD KNOW that he (my boss) WOULD tell them…


Oh man, this gives me a headache.


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