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  I'm in college and it was beginning level economics class.  The teacher is an old looking Yoda impostor.  He starts to speak and I'm sitting in the front row.  His voice is so withered and weak, not even me in the front row could hear him, and forget about the people in the back.  He continues to talk and write the class information on an overhead.  He wrote:  "Econ. 261, Book - Manik, ...and some website link that he wrote."  It's as if he began to write the web link, but fell asleep and while sleeping he was twisting and turning his hand with the pen that looked like random scribble lines when he woke up.  This whole sequence took about 2 minutes.

Then, he asks, "are there any questions?"  as if he had just delivered an amazing sermon of intellect.  Then he asked "Should we get started?  Can everyone hear me OK?" 

Nobody even heard him say "can everyone hear me OK" ... finally, someone said "We can't hear you."  So the next ten minutes consisted of him attempting to operate microphone technology.  He called in techs to plug in the microphone, and  after all that he said... "OK, I'll see you next time"  That was it.  Class was over, and we waited around for him to get the mic fixed so he can tell us to leave. 

The next class:  He canceled class.

The next class:  I transferred out so... yeahh...
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