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  So, I'm at super walmart the other day and I go to the self checkout with 2 items.  I'm thinking, oh yeah I'll be out in no time with the self checkout lane.  So this girl and her boyfriend start ringing up their shovel and a couple of other items they had.  Then, they notice the shovel has a crack in it.  SO, while the line is backing up behind me, the girl says "just forget it honey" but the boyfriend says "no, we need a shovel".  So, he takes it upon himself to go hunting for another shovel.  No, they did not get out of line.  Instead the girl just stood there and waited for her boyfriend holding up an entire line while he went on a fucking shovel hunt.  WHAT IS THAT?!?!  Could they not have cancelled their  checkout and came back when they found a shovel of choice?  Or, could they not have told the associate, used the shovel they had to ring up the cost, then go get another one, and switched it out after completing the checkout?  Nope, apparently neither one of these options looked good to them.  So the girl stood there, the guy went to go look for a shovel clear across the store, and 5 people waited in line behind me.  How ridiculous is that?  Very.
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