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  It's like I'm the only person with common decency at Northern Illinois University.  I'd say the probability that one (of the many) losers doing something annoying in the vicinity of 5 feet around me is 85%.  Take tapping on someones chair with your foot for example.  HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOU'RE DOING IT?  More importantly, how do you NOT know it's annoying as hell!?  What are you supposed to do in that situation anyways?  Let your anger build with every tap of the idiots foot until you snap, jump over your chair and start wailing on em? 

I just think it all stems from brainless morons who truly are incoherently incompetent.  Nevertheless, I feel sorry for them.  Think about it, they are so stupid... that they don't even know that they are stupid. 

You have a few choices:
    1.  Ask them to stop
    2.  Tell them to stop
    3.  Avoiding confrontation and say nothing at all (even though you want to stick a pen in their neck).
    4.  Ask the teacher "Can you tell this dumbass behind me to stop tapping my chair with their foot?"
    5.  Stare at them aggressively

They will react by:
    1.  Compliance, or tell you to go F yourself.
    2.  Stare blankly (they didn't understand the question... remember, they are very VERY Slooowww)

Just for the record, if they tell you to go Fuck yourself, they are actually admitting to being a homosexual.  It's like morse code.  Tell your friends this and let it be known.

Suggestions on what to do when someone taps your chair with their foot??  (preferably some practical advice that is tactful).
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