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I admit it...and I take full responsibility.

A guy i've been dating for a while decided one night after getting out of work to have a few drinks.  I, as usual, was making fun of him until I realized he had had almost 13 beers (Coronas) by himself in a little less than an hour.  He's a big guy don't get me wrong, he can handle his alcohol, but just something snapped inside.  It was a wednesday about 12.  He had to open again the next morning at 8.  Do you see my problem with the situation. 

But I completely over reacted.  I was upset that I knew I would have to babysit him that night.  Make sure he didn't drive and then Make sure to call him at 7 to get him to work.  I don't mind these things, but at the time my head flew off and spun around a few times.  I wasn't proud of my actions, and I did apologize to him for it, but I did make it clear.  I'm no one to say, 'hey, don't do that.'  He has his mom to call him a drunk, which she does on a frequent basis, therefore thats not my job.  When I asked him all he said was 'well I don't want to fight, but I don't think me having a beer after working all day is a bad thing.'  I didn't say anything after that, I was finished acting like the mom.  I had a million more things to say, I just didn't.

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