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   Posted Feb 07, 2007 - Views: 1891


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  The Light turns green.  Notice, there's no turn arrow.  Now imagine the car across the intersection from you decides to change the rules of driving and turns, instead of properly yielding the right of way in a basic traffic scenario. 

Of course, it's some idiot on his phone.  Then, at the next light, the TURN arrow turns green and there's a stop light for people going straight.  Of course, I'm  right by this DUMBASS,  and not surprisingly, like a school-girl yapping gossiping it up on his little cell phone, interprets the green turn arrow for his signal to go.  Apparently, he must think "Whenever I see the color green, I get to go."

I'm not a hardcore fanatic about people talking on their cell phones but when you're talking on your cell phone and you're STUPID... do us all a favor and limit yourself to one task at a time.  Please, don't take on more than your brain can handle.  Baby steps... baby steps.  You have to walk before you can run. 

Of course, when this guy started driving through the red light, people that were turning across from him were halted and I was pissed off so I honked my horn on everyones' behalf.  He was upset that I added insult to injury by making him look like an idiot.  I say, it's OUR duty, to point out stupid people, drag them into the spotlight and shame them. 
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