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   Posted Jul 20, 2008 - Views: 792


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I found this article.  I hate Godaddy.


If you found yourself empty-handed because you chose to use Godaddy to register .me domain names, you’re not alone.  Many outraged individuals that put a lot of time and research into preparing for the .me opening registration on July 17th, found that Godaddy simply wasn’t prepared to handle their registratios.  The very instant open-registration began, froze up and it’s functionality as a registering platform became urgently time-consuming and cumbersome.  Not only that, Godaddy’s system permitted the registration of the same .me domain names to multiple end-customers.  For example, the domain name was registered to hundreds and possibly thousands of people but as you know only one person can be the true and rightful owner.  If you happened to register or any other .me domain that was registered to multiple people, you received an email from Godaddy an hour or so later stating something like this:


Dear John Smith,


The following domain name has failed to be registered:




Error: AWESO.ME:  cannot register - already registered


We will evaluate this error and retry the registration

if appropriate.


If we are unable to successfully register the domain

name, your account will be credited accordingly. Please

allow one business day for the refund to be processed.


Please contact, Inc. if you need any further



Sincerely,, Inc.


You’ll notice from this email that it states John Smith will receive a refund in “one business day”, but if you called Godaddy’s customer service number, they said the actual time for a refund is between 3-5 business days.  For many people, this meant that their money was now locked into a contract for a domain that they’ll never own.  In the meantime, the .me domain names were selling out fast.  If you had no more money to spend until Godaddy refunded your money, you essentially missed out on the chance to own the best .me domains. 


The window of opportunity was gone.  All your time and preparation before July 17th – wasted.  People are outraged by Godaddy’s negligence and misleading business practices.  Jason Kincaid wrote “Apparently they didn't realize that after months of pent up demand and publicity for an extremely desirable domain, they'd be seeing an onslaught of prospective buyers.” 


Two other people are attempting to organize a lawsuit against Godaddy for their deceptive business practices and the damages done from the .me disaster.  Jarad and Zoey are seeking your help in creating a class action case against Godaddy.  “We need everyone that was affected by this .me disaster to step forward and join us in this class action lawsuit against GoDaddy” says Zoey.  They are currently looking for legal representation and anyone else who has suffered damages from the .me registration failures.  Email them at with your details.   

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