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   Posted Mar 26, 2007 - Views: 1674


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  One of the most stupid laws ever, is an individuals civic duty(In some states) to flee danger instead of act in self defense.  In a lot of states, if someone busts down your door with a weapon, and threatens your life, or the life of those around you, it is your duty to flee the situation, before resorting to self defense.  My opinion, if someone comes in your home, he's not there to be nice, and I wouldn't take the chance, the fucker should be blown away.  And......If it is proven, without a shadow of a doubt that you indeed acted in self defense, and it was justified, then the family of the asshole you just blew away shouldn't be able to sue, because that's blatantly retarded.  "Hey I'm gonna sue you because you killed my brother after he busted down your front door with an axe an attempted to kill your family.  You should have tried to talk it out first" BULL-FUCKING-SHIT
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