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   Posted Apr 29, 2007 - Views: 1450


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  I am so pissed off at how dumbass politicians are tyrying to use the war in Iraq as a political springboard. I voted for before I voted against. If I knew now what I knew then blah blah blah. Clinton sent us to Bosnia and Kosovo and we have been there since 95. we have had troops in Germany for over 50 years. I guess those are failed policy and we shouldn't have gotten involved. All politicans should be covered in pork fat and catapulted into a pit of crocodiles, the first one out is the next president. Shut up already and do your job. They raise there own salaries every year but haven't raised minimum wage in a deacde. Hillary wants to do the medical system .......again. An Al Gore wants another shot to prevent global warming cause his first 8 years in the white house and entire career in the senate were not enough to pass anything that could resemble anything he wants us to do. Impeach the Senate, House, Supreme Court, the President and put someone with some stones in charge. Do or do not there is no try. Sorry star wars reference, I will say 5 hail mary's and have another beer.
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