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  I go to the gym this week and all is good, had a good work out yada yada. Then who do I run into... my ex fiancee. 1. I'm thinking why in the hell are you still using my gym and driving out of the way. (please understand, it's a long drive and she's a physical therapist, she has the means to work out at her own facility complex for free any time/day of the week) 2. I don't care if you talk to me and say hey but don't try to strike up a full length conversation with me. 3. She actually had the nerve to say she missed me. Okay, so lets recap here. Your stalking me at the gym because you obviously were hoping I'd be there. You actually thinking that I'm ready for such a conversation is totally over estimating my power to get over it. And your stating that you miss me is obscured, in which I responded to her "congratulations" and I kid you not... that's really what I said to her. And to top it all off, you do all of this basically in front of the new girl I'm seeing. Then she stalks me more at the gym later on in the week, walking on the track... watching me, smiling at me. I just ignored her, that's the best thing I knew to do without causing a huge scene. Now I could sit here and speculate why you did all this or assume that you're now realizing you made a huge mistake by leaving me for your ex but here's a new flash for you... I don't care anymore. It's dumb drama that I don't need. I know I'm better looking and your sex life probably sucks now that I'm gone but get over it. That's your own fault. I am over it. Just so people know. I don't fuck with drama and so if drama starts I quickly remedy the problem. ONE chance that's it. My close friends know this and we all get along. So as scary j blige say's "NO MORE DRAMA". For what it is worth I want her to be happy and I know that what she did to me might make me sad every now and then but thats what drugs are for. I'm actually quite happy now with someone better. The damage is already done, no need to make it worse by opening your mouth. I am not running away from her either and I don't want to push, I just don't want those feelings back that I once felt for her.
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