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   Posted Jun 29, 2007 - Views: 1834


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..I used to be a server at a place (rhymes with Tard Jock) in a theme park, no less...

When eating out, please follow these simple rules...:

1. When you order a lot of items, then get your check, don't ask your server "is this right ?" because it came to more than you expected.....DUHHHH!!!!!

2. Don't give a server shit because of high prices or because we serve Pepsi products instead of Coke...if I was the one who made those decisions......I WOULD BE SITTING IN AN OFFICE OR AT A BOARD-MEETING....NOT WAITING ON YOUR SORRY ASS !!!!!!!!

3. This happens a lot in Florida......If you don't speak English and have a hard time understanding what I'm saying, don't say ".....why you no speaka Espanol.....?" BECAUSE I LIVE HERE.....ASSHOLE !!!

4. Simple rule...(even outside a restaurant....)...YOUR KIDS...YOUR RESPONSIBILITY !!!!! Don't let your sprogs run rampant in a place full of people carrying heavy trays or hot coffee ! If your too stupid to figure that out on your own, then you shouldn't be having them in the first place !!!!

5. If you didn't learn this from the movie "Waiting"......DO NOT ENTER A RESTAURANT 5 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING AND EXPECT QUALITY.......END OF STORY !!!!!!  Most places have most of the kitchen broken-down for cleaning by then because management wants it's workers out a.s.a.p to save on take it up with them........

6. Last but not least.....were "servers"...not "servants"....and respect can be a 2-way street...don't piss us off.....we have the last word regarding your food.....and many methoods to deal with idiots...

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