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   Posted Dec 15, 2008 - Views: 1246

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So I’m driving along thinking I could use a coffee.


Living in Vancouver we have as many, if not more, coffee shops than Seattle . Seriously, we have several intersections in Vancouver where there’s two Starbucks kitty-corner to each other… and they’re both packed with people.


Driving along I see a sign proclaiming that the Bailey Café is Now Open! (the exclamation mark was on the sign) so I pull into the parking lot. I walk in and the place is empty (not good). I walk up to the counter and the server has a look on his face like “Oh no – a customer” (not good). Without speaking a word he simply lowers his head an inch and frowns in the universal “What do you want?” expression given to people you don’t like or respect (not good).


I throw him a total curve ball from left field… “A medium-sized coffee to go, please”


He doesn’t speak he just furrows his brow in the universal “Huh?” expression.


“A medium-sized coffee to go, please” I repeat.


He walks to the back door and grunts to someone. A mean-faced guy comes out drying his hands with a towel. He also gives me the universal “What do you want?” expression given to people you don’t like or respect.


“A medium-sized coffee to go, please” I repeat.


“What?” he says in a tone like I just ordered a pizza at a funeral home.


“A coffee! I want a coffee!”


“A coffee??!?!” he says incredulously.


“Isn’t this a café? Don’t you sell coffee?”


“No we don’t”


“Are you kidding me?”


“Sir, you’re going to have to leave” says the mean-faced guy and he disappears into the back leaving the non-speaking counter guy to stare blankly at me.


I knew I wouldn’t get an answer but I had to ask “WTF kinda Café is this?!?!”


Counter guy, sensing the rhetorical nature of my question, simply stares back blankly.


Twilight Zone weirdness.



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