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   Posted Dec 16, 2008 - Views: 1595


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I am waiting in line with a male friend from school at Panera Bread. It was his birthday and he wanted me with him which is why I was there in the first place, despite my aversion to fast food restaraunts, cafes  and other stupid people hotspots.

Now that said, I looked around spotting a notice on the male restroom door stating in LARGE BOLD BLACK letters that a toilet inside was out of order. Well my friend walks inside to see if there are more than one, (this being our first time in this particular shop)  and finds a man about to take a piss in the toilet which also has an out of order sign in LARGE BOLD LETTERS. He even leaves the stall door open. (ugh...)

Said friend: " That urinal is out of order."

Idiot: "I see, I thought it looked dirty."  And he flushes the toilet.

Minutes later after water starts running from unber the bathroom door, the man comes out screaming for the manager shouting:

"How the hell can the pisser be broken?!?



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