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   Posted Sep 22, 2008 - Views: 1603

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I worked for this female boss at a medium-sized company. She was cute, but nuts. One day she called me to her office. She had invoices from the PREVIOUS fiscal year on her desk. She handed one to me “We should have made another $6,000 on this project.”


I looked at it and asked “But this is from last year. What do we hope to accomplish?”


She said “Send them an invoice for $6,000.”


I looked over the backup paperwork and asked “But we invoiced $56,000 and they paid $56,000. There’s nothing left to invoice.”


“I don’t care! Just send them an invoice for $6,000!”


“But what do I put on the invoice?”


“Dammit… $6,000!!!”


“But $6,000 for what? I have to put some kind of reference on the invoice.”


“…Just leave it blank.”


“But they’ll call to ask what the $6,000 is for! What am I supposed to tell them?”


“Don’t tell them anything!”


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