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   Posted Sep 16, 2008 - Views: 1664

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Our company announced 20 years that we will be changing a few things as we will be going "Green." The first step was making all documents and memos accessible through the web portal rather than them being mailed - which we have used for over a year now.  Last month, they announed that we will be to set up our check stubs so that they can be accessed on-line for those who have direct deposit.  To let everyone know this, they mailed an individual letter to every associate in the company and posted it in the web portal.  Now why did they just waste thousands of copies of paper for something they already put on-line anyways? 

Not only the paper they wasted, but the ink, the electric usage for running the copy machine, the payroll for the person doing the task, the green house gasses emiitted during transportation of the letters all across the country, and the energy and trees used to make the paper to begin with.

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