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  If there's nothing else I enjoy less it's the 8am freak out sessions from my supervisor.  Please tell me, how in the hell can you tell me not even a month ago that I'm doing a good job with handling clients and doing my job.  Then turn around today and come out there to my desk and be the complete tard face that you are and ask me what I'm doing, how I'm doing it and if I'm following up on it?  Well... what do you think?!  Why don't you go ask yourself the same question?... just what are you doing?  Nothing!  You sit there staring at the computer screen and it takes you 30 damn minutes to write a two sentence e-mail.  You spent 30 minutes on your cell phone today talking to your stupid daughter in Texas.  This was so horrid to my ears that I wished more than anything that I could stab myself!  If it had been me on my cell for so long, I would have faced the wrath but no not you.  Because you're the old, ugly, tard of a supervisor who somehow managed to work your way up without even having a lick of sense when it comes to managing employees.  And I wished so bad today that you would have choked on your lunch today but you didn't.  Thank God there's always tomorrow!  I've had enough of your little Charlie Brown episodes where all I hear is... "wha wha wha, wha wha wha wha, wha wha!"   
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