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  I'm not going to say I hate my job, because I don't, and since there's no outsourcing category yet, I'm posting my bitch here.  Anyway, I work for a GE computer center, and we used to have some really awesome midrange computer support people onsite, I would contend that they were some of the best in the world....well, now they're gone, and the shit is in India now.  We used to have 6 - 8 midrange guys here, supporting over 2000 servers; they've now been replaced by 30 Indians who collectively can't do the job better than even the worst of the 6 or 8 we had here onsite.  These idiots are constantly asking me help on how to open trouble tickets, who to send them to for support, how to get a system up and running....  We have conference calls set up for outages on these systems as a central point for people to troubleshoot, and trying to get these Indian support idiot robots to answer questions and respond is a nightmare.  They're all huddled in the corner affraid to open their mouth on the conference or something.   They must all have ADD like little elementary school children, because all of them are just tapping away on their keyboards like crazy, bouncin' on the walls or somethin', all the while not paying attention to requests for updates on the call.  Just the other day, I was on a conference call where a system was having problems, but still was available.  The customer plainly stated at least 3 times that the databases should not be brought down, as the server is just having minor problems, we can run on a slower system for now.  Well.....what did those hyperactive little bastards do, they brought down the databases, and the whole problem ticketing system came to a screetching halt.  The customer asked them why they took the DB's down, and their answer was, "we're not sure, give us 2 minutes and well get back to you on that"  The problem with these guys is that there's no accountability; there's no "I", there is only "we", so we can't pinpoint the mistake or effort to one specific person.   They never admit to mistake and want to hide when someone calls them on something, that's what pisses me off.   They are always quick to give you the answer you want to hear, instead of the answer you need to hear.  We were on a call where as system was down, and were relying on India to connect to the remote console and check the status.  We asked them for an update, and they stated that they had the console and were looking into it.  15 minutes later we asked them for an update, and they stated that they were trying to connect to the console.  Now, didn't they just say they had the console and were looking into it?   They're so afraid to tell people what they don't want to hear, out of fear of getting scolded, in reality they're prolonging  and inflaming the problem by lying and telling us something just  to get us off their back for 15 minutes more so they can muddle their way through it.  Just tell me you can't do it, or tell me you're having a problem, and we'll get someone to help, or get someone that knows what they're doing.   I hate outsourcing, and it should be a crime, punishable by millions of dollars in fines, and time in jail for those who implement it.  It's a crime to the paying customer, and it's a crime to those here who know the job and who can do it better.  Our customers complain about their service to our highest management, and management says yeah yeah yeah....and come back to us and say that outsourcing is working.  give me a break, give the customers a break. 
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