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   Posted Dec 11, 2008 - Views: 1264

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This is the recurring motif behind almost every conversation we have at our company. Not one of the people saying this would actually tell someone to fuck off themselves, but they 100% of the time insist that the other person say this 100% of the time. It’s the only form of communication we seem to know. That, and ridicule.


It’s a form of venting frustrations on a co-worker or subordinate who can’t defend themselves. God forbid should the subordinate actually tell the person to Fuck Off. That is NOT what they are allowed to do.


Whenever someone delivers late, or makes an error, the everyone says to “FUCKING tell them they FUCKING need to FUCKING send us new FUCKING materials because they FUCKING shipped the wrong FUCKING parts last FUCKING time. You say exactly that!”


God help you is you’re dumb enough to do that. If you did, their sales manager would call your boss, then your boss would flip out that you would ever talk to people like that.


God help you even more if you’re dumb enough to tell your boss “You told me to say that!”


It’s a way of using someone as a whipping boy for their frustrations.



Ultimately, it’s petty, cowardly and completely un-professional.



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