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   Posted Feb 02, 2009 - Views: 1755

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so what part of they are not available can I take a message do people not fuckin understand?!?!?!?! I mean seriously! If they don't answer or they have stepped out, yelling at me saying well I need to speak with them is not going to solve anything! I just answer phones and deliver messages... If they don't call you back it is not my damn fault! Or how about calling over and over and over and refusing to leave a message? IF YOU DON'T LEAVE A NAME AND NUMBER HOW THE HELL ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO KNOW YOU CALLED?! When you ask for the service department and I ask you what service department you would like its pretty straight forward....

customer: "Service Department..."

Me: " Would you like service for Cadillac, Hummer, Chevrolet or Saab?"

customer: "I don't know...."

well what kind of freakin car do you have?!?!?!? do you really need to call a cadillac hummer dealership and then get pissed when we won't work on your saturn.... call a saturn dealership! wow I need a new job!!!!

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