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   Posted Mar 11, 2009 - Views: 1898

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  I work in a place where people can bring their dog to work.  They are allowed to wear almost anything they want.  All that matters is that they do a good job.  Sounds like heaven, right?  Well, not quite.  Some women wear stilettos, thongs sticking out and tight low cut shirts, which is great for the men but it makes the rest of us feel like our PhD's were earned at Hooter's University and majored in Bimbo Ed.  Then there are the vegan, Buddhist, go-green, hippies.  Cool people but, they dress in hemp caftans and saffron diaper pants and smell of weed.  Then there are the geeks that live with grandma and wear their green lantern shirt 3 days in a row then switch to the Flash shirt for the other two.  Yes, there are 5 of them and wear Sinestro, Hal Jordan and the other lantern characters.  The dog thing, second time this week I step into dog shit.  My clothes are covered in animal dander and I smell like a pet shop when I get home.  No one really works more, they just seem thrilled to be in a place where their dumb, pretentious, shit flies.  So, a diverse, relaxed environment does not work if you hire immature idiots. 
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