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Dear god.... alright as is my style, i would like to ask all of those with an IQ of 66and under to leave as you won't understand a word i'm saying.

now then as all  those to whom my writing is a danger haveleft i would like to adress who remains.

I have returned to plogg another moron.

so! without further ado moronic filth shall get a leathal Bullet!


My english teacher had class in the library today, which is nice, we get to work on laptops.

now then... a friend of mine was having trouble with his book annotation, and had logged onto a laptop to look on the book's website.

the teacher, walks over to him, and asks " what on earth are you doing?"

he replies" i don't understand this chapter, and you told us to go to the web site if we had trouble"

she gets angry and sayz This is time for learning, if you need help with the book do it on your own time, not on learning time!"

now i was sitting beside my friend, watching... oh one more piece of info... my teacher is a blonde haired blue eyed female

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