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  I'm sooooo sick and tired of the "Reading Zoooone".  As I have mentioned before, I got yelled at by these crazy nuns for distracting other readers by "flirting" via "BODY LANGUAGE".  Not only that, oh so often have I been reprimanded for doing my homework in the "Reading Zoooone", drawing in the "READING ZOOONE", or whispering quitely one sentence in the "READING ZOOOOOOOONE!!!" 

AHA! Alas, just two days ago in this zone, three large boys come into this sacred zone for reading.  This area is precious, you understand, so precious that the nun nazis just spend more than 3/4 of the study hall hour to just STARE at you.  However, on this particular day with this particular group of boys, the nuns somehow became distracted.  They somehow were too busy with whatever was too important in thier lives to yell at the boys screaming out names of sexual body parts.  They picked THIS day to walk away from the boys that were verbally sexually harrasing females with innaproppriate v*&^%@ jokes.  They chose this PARTICULAR day to pretend there was nothing going on. 

You know why I think that they chose to ignore them?  It's because they were afraid of them.  OH SURE, they will control anything that they know they can control.  They'll yell at good kids because they know that they are too disciplined to fight back.  They couldn't control them, so they chose not to fight what cannot be overcame.  Stupid nuns.  
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