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Cliques really do suck! I was a lonewolf in school. Don't get me wrong I had friends from all cliques. (I was like the peace keeper in many situations because of this but thats a different story.) In my high school we had numerous cliques: Preps, Jocks, Goths, Punks, "Gangsters", Blacks, Mexicans, Emos, Cowboys, etc. Every clique was almost like a street gang. You had to wear certain things, do certain things, act a certain way to fit in with a certain clique. If you didnt meet their standards you didnt belong with them. Violence would erupt between the cliques with "bad blood." 

For example one day a group of skaters where skating around and one fell of his board and it flew into the air hitting a cowboys truck. Now the whole thing was an accident but the cowboy was so pissed he had a 1/2 inch scratch on his lower panel passanger side door. He ran over to the skate boarder (who still hasnt gotten up *Keep reading to see why*) and comensed to whipping this skaters ass. So the skaters buddy sees this and knocks the fuck out of the cowboy with the board and helps his friend up (who suffered a broken ankle from the fall off his board). Before we know it all hell has broken loose and a huge fight breaks out between the skaters and the cowboys. During the scuffle a gothik kid walking down the sidewalk is watching the incident and bumps into a punk and they get into a heated arguement before a few other goths come up and start jumping this punk who mouthed off at the goth for stepping on his shoe. (I thought i heard the punk tell the goth to lick the dirt off or something) Well a set of punks see this and begin to help their (shit talking) friend who is getting a major ass beating. And it becomes a total of four cliques fighting each other. Well the mexicans and blacks always fought so that was nothing new. But my point is its getting so bad that even the smallest accident (a skater hitting a crack in the cement and falling) can set off a almost riot. And then the "hardest" clique the gangsters sat around watchin sayin "If it was me I would...(do this and that)" but never really do anything. I decided it was best to stay away from cliques and be a lone wolf that way im not involved in a whole little high school world of hate and anger.

But the saddest thing about this whole thing is the fact that parents let and in some cases encourage this kind of behavior of isolating and looking down on others because they are different. It does nothing but breed another generation of hate and violence and we expect these kids to change our future? Please! Teach what you preach. Dont just preach it, Do it, Show it, Lead by it, then you can expect a future of peace.         

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