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   Posted Feb 16, 2007 - Views: 1517


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  Why is it I walk around and see girls sporting high heel furry boots, and sunglasses with lenses the size of frisbees?  Also, what's up with the jean skirts and leggings underneath?  Who the hell is responsible for bringing back the UGLY 80's trend and how did this happen?

When you think back to the 80's and you look at pictures from your childhood, do you think "Oh wow, I look so radical in those huge styling glasses!  And my big poofy hair really compliments my spandex." 

It's very redundant how fashion repeats itself, isn't it?  In the late 1990's, long tube socks were cool, early 2000's it was socks half way up the calf, and now, small little booty socks.  The less sock anyone is able to see, the better.  I have stood my ground since the late 1990's and have maintained the long tube socks.  Why?  Because eventually, it will come back in style and I'll be "cool" again.  Also, merely on the principle of the matter.  Sock height is so trivial.  You can't judge a person's coolness based on their sock height. 

You know who's to blame right?  The stupid celebrities.  A celeb like Paris Hilton gets a wild hair up her ass one day and just decides to wear something uglier than shit.  A young, stupid, impressionable girl goes "Oh wow! like, ... that is sooo totally cool."  Runs out, buys a replica, and her dumb friends all the sudden want one too.  They don't want to be left out after all.  At first, people are like "What the hell are you wearing?"  But that doesn't dissuade the ditzes, they forge through the comments.  Other girls take notice, and BAM, the frightening trend spreads like anthrax.  Stupid girls everywhere are now walking around with hideous garments on, thinking they look hot.

I can't wait until the Grunge phase comes back in.  I mean, look at the music on the radio.  We are STILL feeling aftershocks from the Latino Ricky Martin Latin Phase that ROCKED America early 2000's.  Somehow, that sound has evolved into latino/Jamaican. How that works, I don't know.  I never thought I would have to deal with a "hot new Jamaican Trend" sprouting up.  Because, Jamaican music rocks, right?  yeahh......  *looks at you wide-eyed*..... *still looking*...
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