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   Posted Apr 22, 2007 - Views: 1511


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  So, I'm not a big shopper but I recently bought an overpriced, glorified eyeliner from Victoria's Secret.  Well, since then I've been getting their catalogs in the mail... and I generally tend to glance at them and throw them in the trash, no big deal.  Well I just got the shoe catalog and if you get it too, look at page 69 and you'll see this....

There were tons of other butt-ugly shoes but this one was the absolute worst!! Yes, those are strips of bacon and eggs on the side of the shoe...   Since when are Ronald McDonald shoes in style?!!!! This is fucking ridiculous.  Not to mention the price... These shoes are $89 at Victoria's Secret!!! WHO THE FUCK WOULD WEAR THESE?????

Don't believe me?  Take a look for yourself....
Victoria's Secret- Converse Special Edition High-tops

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