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   Posted Sep 06, 2007 - Views: 1497

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  What the fuck is with this atikins diet zero carb bullshit.  Everywhere you look now it zero carbs this low carbs that.  If i'm not mistaken aren't carbohydrates the things the give you energy.  I believe payed attention enough in school to know that.  Also didn't the guy who invented this fucking diet DIE OVERWEIGHT AND FROM A HEART ATTACK?  What the fuck.  Yeah these people lose 30 pounds real quick but as soon as you go back to normal food you get all the weight back.  And let's not forget the whole time your on the diet you have no energy because you have no carbs.  ALSO (and this is really important) if you stay on the diet you end up with kidney failure.  This fucking diet was invented for people who are too fucking lazy to excercise and don't want to eat right.  You fucking people make me sick.  Another thing that pisses me off is vegans, eat some meat you fucking pussies and stop bitching at me because I do so.   We are fucking human's, we are omnivores.  That doesn't mean we eat one or the other, IT MEANS WE BOTH MEAT AND GREENS.  They are neccasary for our diet and survival.  Don't try and argue with me on this, argue with mother nature and evolution.  Their the ones who made you like this. That and your ancestors.  If your great ancestors could see the stupid shit your doing right now with atkins, vegans and bulimia they would come out of their graves and kick the shit out of you.  Fuck they'd probly kill you just so you wouldn't pollut the rest of humanity with this bullshit.  DUMB FUCKS.  EAT SHIT AND DIE. FUCKHEADS.  peace.
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