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   Posted Mar 11, 2009 - Views: 1266

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  OK, so it's a long list.  Speech impairments and articulation problems don't bother me (wif/with).  I realize some groups are isolated, have accent problems or can't really hear the difference between the "th" sound and "f" sound.  Some hispanics switch the ch and sh sounds.  I can live with that, But people that try to sound smart by using words like larynx and brag about going to the library or how they indulge in delicatessens (when they mean delicacy), well that just "peeses me oth".  I actually hate it more when people combine or screw up expressions like, "I was on skating on cloun nine" or "money is no option".  Oh, I forgot about how some women fake mispronouncing words like pasgeti or pretend like they can't pronounce some unusual consonant that no one screws up like the letter y.
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