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   Posted Jan 14, 2009 - Views: 901

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Can you believe it?!?!


F#cking gun-loving dickheads wanted to be in their boats in the Great Lakes spewing machine gun fire across the horizon. Sounds like a scene from ‘Family Guy’ or something, but no – it’s true.



From Wikipedia… “ Great Lakes   (so it MUST be true!!!)




In 2006, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) proposed a plan to designate 34 areas in the Great Lakes , at least five miles (8 km) offshore, as permanent safety zones for live fire machine gun practice. In August 2006 the plan was published in the Federal Register. The USCG reserved the right to hold target practice whenever the weather allowed with a two hour notice. These firing ranges would be open to the public when not in use. In response to requests from the public, the Coast Guard held a series of public meetings in nine cities to solicit comment. During these meetings many people voiced concerns about the plan and its impact on the environment.


 A preliminary health risk assessment stated that the "proposed training will result in no elevated risks for a freshwater system such as the Great Lakes using 'realistic worst case' assumptions, and further investigation is not recommended ... if typical rather than worst case assumptions were used, the predicted risk would be even less." However, the assessment was based on lead levels after five years, and so one could infer that lead levels could meet or exceed EPA safe levels for lead after fifteen years. The Coast Guard established an information page about their proposal at


On December 18, 2006, the Coast Guard announced its decision to withdraw the entire proposal. Officials said they would look into alternative ammunition, modifying the proposed zones and have more public dialogue before proposing a new plan.




God, I hope this plan never comes back. Like we need Right Wing psycho nutjobs out there spraying everything in sight with their machine guns. “Hey! The Founding Fathers wanted every child to have an Uzi! You’re un-American!”



You really need a fucking screw loose if you go out on the Great Lakes , see their beauty and majesty, and the only thing you can think about is… “Jeezuz this is nice! If only I had my machine gun!”


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