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I have a nephew who's just about 17 and I see the differences between him and his friends.  He grew up with my and I do admit my parents are a little older than most (early 60's).  I'm 20 and I see the differences between the way my peers and I act.  I grew up having alot of respect for my elders.  Maybe that was influenced by living in such a small town, but I was always taugh to say 'please' and 'thank you', hold open doors for someone behind me, not to interrupt...ect.  You get the point.

I just don't understand how others just a few years younger than me can have such disrespect.  I was walking through a store here in town (I was technically working) and these little kids...couldn't have been older than maybe 15...cut right infront of this older man that was walking and told him to get 'the hell out of the way'.  Needless to say, I was PISSED!! I walked over there and helped him pick up the items he was carrying, grabbed him a cart that was being taken to the front, and helped him walk through the store and do his shopping.  He was talking to me in spanish saying that he was very greatful for my help and that he was sorry he was being such a burden.  I apologized to him for the actions of those stupid kids.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Had we had that kind of  a leap in respect between generations.  I was more embarrassed to be included in the same area as these youngesters.  Unfortunately, this is only one example of the was teens and even younger children are acting now.  I've seen it before but never this strong. 

Whats going on in our world when we've lost that basic value and resepct for one another.  When you see someone struggling, you won't even take two steps out of your busy life to help them.  Especially someone who is older than you.  I was running late one day and as I ran through the door I noticed an older couple coming up right behind me, so I stopped and held the door open for them...normal...the man actually offered me a tip.  He said that he hadn't seen someone do that in a very long time.  For me that hurt.  Like I was a charity case instead of just trying to help.  

So I ask, if you see someone acting this stupid or you yourself are guilty...grab a reality check.  Learn your manners and your respect again, these fundamental ideas are things you should show your children, not the crap that they are learning from their friends...FYI and i've done nephew saw an older gentlemen (We live in NM...he was a rancher kind of man, hat, boots, the whole 9.) struggling to put bags of milo and corn into his truck.  I smacked him upside the head for laughing and I walked over there and started picking up the bags.  He followed suit and later asked me why I had done that. I flat out told him we were raised better than that. When respect for another, especially someone like that, is lost then we're in a worse place than most. 

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