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   Posted Feb 15, 2007 - Views: 1633


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Greeting! OK enough of the niceties strait to the point. I am sick of people who drive to damn slow. People who bust their balls to pull out in front of you, causing you to slow down. Then they take forever to get up to speed. Then nine times out of ten they don't even get up to speed they drive five to ten under the speed limit. These same people then scowl at you in their rear-view mirrors because your now tailgating them and pissed off because of their stupidity.

Flat period and to the point the speed limit is to be fallowed as it says on the sign. They are not a suggestion. The sign does not mean this is the max speed you can travel and that its OK to drive slower if you feel like it. It does not say take your jolly fucking time and enjoy the fucking view, no one in the twenty cars behind you honking their horns, flashing their head lights and tailgating you need to bee at work on time. It is just as illegal to drive under the speed limit as it is to drive over.


So many people think that by driving five miles under the speed limit they are driving safer because they will be able to react faster.... BULL SHIT!!! five MPH slower is not going to make a big enough differences. By going slower you only end up holding up more cars behind you, making the chances of something stupid happening even greater and when it does happen oh look theres a shit load of pissed off tailgaters for the stupid to happen to.

To all you stupid people your not doing any one any good. Drive the fucking speed limit and if you cant handle the posted speed then get off the road. Stop waisting my time and tormenting my ADHD addled mind with your slow reaction times and flawed thinking. 

Also you people with cell phones who cant drive and talk at the same time fuck you hang up and drive. that is all...

Jackasses with SUV's who think your the kings of the roads... thanks for all the laughs I get when I pass your twisted mangled vehicle on the side of the road because you thought your big ass, gas hog, of a rig would magically ignore the laws of friction.

I saw a insurance commercial where they said some people change their fucking pants while driving.... I have yet to see this but if I ever do I swear to you I will fucking shoot that person twice in the head.

So in short less stupid on the road means better insurance rates for us all. Do your part help natural selection shoot one stupid driver a day and our future may be a better place.

Good day!

Sinner Dragoon

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