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   Posted Apr 23, 2008 - Views: 1341


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  So the other day I was walking my son to T-Ball Practice, I am not one of those people who just walk into traffic at a crosswalk thinking it's a fuckin forcefield. I stop inch my way up so I can see if traffic is coming, then i proceed to wait until either no cars are coming or someone see's me and stops, so I am halfway through the crosswalk and some ass munch in a black pick up yakin on his cell phone blows right through the cross walk in front of me not even fuckin paying attention - hello!!!!!!! He could have freakin killed me and my son, did you not notice the car's stopped in the opposit direction? Then if that wasn't bad enough on the way back same freakin cross walk the same freakin thing happens only behind the stopped car that was nice enough to let us go was a freaking cop taklin on his cell phone - not hands free either? hello your stopped behind a car and you did not see the idiot in the opposite lane blow through a crosswalk with 2 people in it??????????????, When I got across the street I felt like pounding on his window and goin WTF, but alas did not want to teach my 6 year old not to have any respect for cops. (can't help it if half of them are power trip i'm a cop shit - and are usually the kids who got in the most trouble in school - how do they get these friggin jobs.
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