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You know what really pisses me off when driving is other drivers that fail to pay attention, or use fucking turn signals.  First of all you have these assholes that are on their cell phone, slapping slime on their ugly mug, gulping down grub, or chewing gum whatever the fuck distracts them.  Any ways there will be a semi or vehicle with its blinker signaling to other drivers that they want to proceed in that direction.  I'm not talking about a two second signal flicker, and some dumb ass flies over.  I'm talking about the people that actually know, or somehow learned how to operate a vehicle.   Now you have these assholes that instead of letting a vehicle get over because they are STUPID they'll do one of several dumb ass things 1. speed up in a seemingly failed attempt to pass (Note: you have to drive faster than the vehicle your trying to pass) 2. Hover next to the vehicle (What is the purpose of hovering in a blind spot for a vehicle that is trying to exit the highway, service road, etc) 3. Beep their gay sounding horn/flip the person off that is trying to get over (Hey dumbass if you paid attention in the first place they wouldn't have to cut you off). 

Then there are the idiots that never use there signals, and every day risk not only there life but the lives of others.   This subject just really pisses me off because I have seen so much unecessary shit.  So many senseless wrecks and deaths because of the fuck ups that don't know how to drive. 

I saw a guy in a cherry red Camero careen off of the road to his firey death.  This was off of 820.  This ass was weaving in and out of cars at an insane speed.  The fucker lost control and ran right into a fucking beam right under the overpass.  His car went up in flames and I had pulled over and began to call for help.  This other asshole pulled over not to help, but to take fucking pictures.  WTF!  Someone is on fire burning to death, and your first reaction is to take pictures with a professional camera that he had in his trunk. 

Then one day on my way to work there was a wreck as usual, but this one was different...  I actually saw the lifeless arm of a man dangling from the driver side window.   The cops on the scene had covered the rest of him with a black jacket.  This dead son of a gun thought he could beat a semi before it got to the light.

The most gruesome accident I have witnessed was when I was traveling towards Tyler, TX.  It was a semi that tried to beat a train crossing the tracks.  Needless to say the train won, and the Cops (Clean up Crew) were scouring the tracks to pick up what was left of the driver.

Bottom line if you can't fucking drive get off the road.  Try walking instead if you can't handle driving, merging with traffic, or just being a competent driver.  Try to remember what little you did learn about driving "Be Defensive, and Stay Alert So You Don't Get Hurt!"


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