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   Posted Feb 28, 2007 - Views: 1713


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OK, This stupid little gang banger wanna be kid...I could be exaggerating he might have been 20 for all I know or care for that matter...was driving in the middle of our local Albertsons parking lot.  Yes I'm serious, he decided that his boat of a car needed both lanes to drive in a strait line.  Well I was sitting minding my own business in a Ford Expedition across the parking lot when I see a nice size F 250 try to make the turn around this kid.  I noticed his truck had a Veterains plate on it and a Sempri Fi emblem on the back.  The old man, yelled at the kid, which is what I would have done, to move over so he would fit.  The kid moved and I kid you not, reversed into the middle of the parking lot, asked him what he had said, flipped him off and proceeded to talk shit. 

Well I'm sorry, I have a level of respect that just happend to get the better of me.  I drove that poor SUV like a bat out of hell up behind the kid, right on his ass and blarred the horn.  Immature yes, effective, yes.  He moved a few seconds later, flipping me off the entire way.  So naturally I followed him out of the parking lot on his ass and blarring my horn.  GROW UP YOU MORONS.  These men deserve some respect, and if your not going to shot it to them i'm sorry, but you will find me in your path getting ready to BITE YOUR HEAD OFF!!!

I drove back to where the old man was in the lot and asked him if he needed anything.  He laughed and said no. 


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