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   Posted Apr 26, 2007 - Views: 1472

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  When I worked at a gas station, this woman in a state vehicle drives up to the pump.  She gets pissed off because I wouldn't turn her pump on because it was a prepaid pump.  So she comes in and starts this big ruckus.  I noticed she had stopped at a diesel pump and let her go head and prepay $30.00.  Well, she gets out there and can't get the pump into her tank because diesel gas nozzles are larger than unleaded.  She decided to use the intercom and scream, I can't get this pump to work.  We were very busy at the time so I responded over the intercom, "Ma'am, I wouldn't advise you to put Diesel in your State owned vehicle."  she was so embarassed, she left and didn't even come back in to get her $30.00.
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