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   Posted Mar 09, 2008 - Views: 2061

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  A few years back i worked at a gas station/ third shift. at the time it was my first week there and i was by myself. and this group of dumb asses were going around trying to rob gas stations. my father would call every hour on the hour to check on me. after the third call i decided to take out the trash. i noticed when i got to the dumpster. that a white car was parked kind of behind it. i being my self walked up to the car seeing if anyone was in it and two guys one wearing a hoody was in the car i asked them what they were doing there. they stated htey were waiting for a friend of theirs. i said to them. it is to hot to be wearing a hoody why don't you come inside and get a cool drink. they siad no thank you. so i went back inside and got on the phone with the cops and the car drove off fast. the cops came and filed a report. a week later they were stoped by the cops thanks to an gas station and my describes. stupid of me but i learn if you are nice to people when they are desprite they get scared and leave you alone.

same place of work it was earliy in the morning. a bunch of true red necks come in the nice they were stupid as fuck but nice. they had no idea how to work the pumps or where the bathroom was or anything so i had to do it all for them i would of no mind but it was the end of my shift and i wanted to go home. damn red necks upgrade yourselves.
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