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   Posted May 04, 2008 - Views: 2425


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  I was shopping one night after work and it was extremely windy.  Of course most customers returned their carts to the corral as a courtesy, however you still had a few morons.  Anyways this moron had parked across three parking spaces so that no one could park properly in the spaces around her.  Well as I was walking into the store I noticed some stray carts in the parking lot across from her car. These three carts that were on the other side of the parking lot started heading in the direction of her car.  This idiot is still in her car yapping away on her cell phone oblivious to what was happening.  Well I attempted to do the courteous thing, and try to make her aware of the approaching carts.  The dumb bitch just rolled her eyes and went back to her conversation.  Any ways I continued to walk into the store and I had to stop and watch.  I couldn't help myself.  What started with three stray carts being pushed by the wind soon turned into five.  How?  It was like watching a game of pool one cart slapped this pile of carts like a cue ball, and two more joined in the fun.  Five carts were now heading directly for her car, and this idiot was still on her cell phone oblivious to what was going on around her. Then it happened...  All five cars ran right into her car and fucked it up.  She had big as dents and long ass scratches all over her car.  I couldn't hide the big ass smile that just appeared across my face, and when that dumb bitch got out of her car and tried raising a fuss  I said "Chill...  The wind did it." 
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