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   Posted Apr 25, 2008 - Views: 2107


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Yes self serv checkout machines have their pros and cons, but sometimes people that just don't know how to use the machines and refuse to ask for help or accept assistance really tick me off.   Today was a perfect example of not one, but two duh duh customers that need to continue to frequent the traditional check out lanes.  The first moronic customer not only stared at each of the 400 items she scanned and bagged she had a companion that stared, and attempted to scan right along with her.  The second idiot was unorganized and sat at the self check out scavenging for 10 minutes for a "Reward Card" when she could have just input her phone number and scanned her items. 

Some helpful tips for self service:

1. If you are unfamiliar with the process get assistance, a clerk is nearby to assist you and to make sure your not trying to walk off with product.

2. If your grocery cart is overflowing use a traditional line.  Do you really want to bag up 100's of items, wait on sku checks, and have your excessive scanning paused because of a weight error.  That's what they are paying live cashiers for use them when you need to.

3. Don't stare at the machine if it's malfunctioning speak up so that you can  move along.  If the machine still refuses to cooperate and no one wants to assist you gather your things and head to another line.

4. Move like you want to go home.  It's annoying to watch a 20 something or any age something become entranced with the screen, and move in slow motion. 

It's just really annoying to me when I get stuck behind anyone that acts goofy when trying to utilize self service.  People need to face the fact that you can't use self service if you don't know how to help yourself!


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