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   Posted Jan 26, 2007 - Views: 2647


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Why is it that society always has a few morons that fill their carts up with 100 items or more even, then roll their cart up to the self-checkout lane.  Like they take pride in scanning their own items, wasting the people's time behind them waiting, then when it comes time to pay, they can never figure out how the damn machine works.  It just makes no sense to me why someone would do this.  Logic tells ANYONE with common sense that "hey, I have a lot of items in my cart.  Quite a substantial amount.  I know I have 2 options.  I could scan them myself, bag them myself, waste the time of the people behind me that I would be holding up, and try to figure out the machine again... or, I could let the cashier scan them 10 times faster, and bag them.  All I would have to do is focus on paying and placing the bags in my cart." 

Stupid people, I know this is a real eye-opener for you and a lot to take in so please read what I have said a couple of times, learn it, practice using your brain once in a while, attempt logical projections, and you will be a much more efficient person I promise you. 

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