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   Posted Mar 18, 2007 - Views: 1937


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I know that Christmas is the time of year for cheer and Holiday shopping, but are people really all that different any other time of the year?  All shoppers can do is complain about how they are “not” being served, without thinking about how they can really help themselves in a lot of cases.  Let’s face it people, in the days of cell phones and wireless data, there’s no excuse for not having the info we need immediately…but, I think that means that people have lost their basic ability to reason and think on their feet like an intelligent human being!  The only people who complain when there are 10 checkout lanes, and only 2 open are people who have never worked retail.  How about I pay you $6 an hour to listen to people bitch about 50cents they didn’t save on prunes with a coupon that expired 90 days ago, or that item that was on the shelf next to the wrong shelf price tag, that was probably moved by some other idiot customer.  I worked at a Meijer retail store for 5 years, and can’t tell you how many times I was asked:  “where are the checkout lanes located”?  I thought to myself, “are you that oblivious to your surroundings that you failed to notice the 32 checkout lanes located right at the entrance of the store in which you just entered”?  Couple all of this stupidity with the 250 people waiting at the front door of the store at 4:00am to break down the door and knock down anyone in their path for the day after Thanksgiving shopping deals.  The bottom line is, people are extremely lazy and impatient, and want things to happen yesterday.   Having worked retail, I've posted some questions and answers to some of the common issues that occur in retail. 

customer: “Why, when you just put these items on sale, do you not have any left…I mean why didn’t you order enough”? 

Clerk: “Well, due to the holiday demand, the company was only able to purchase a limited supply, and had to distribute the limited supply to each store”. 


customer: “Why is the grocery section all the way at the other end of the store”? 

clerk: “Because that’s where they put it”? 


customer: (Asking about a $5.00 item) “Why don’t you ever put this item on sale?  I’ve been shopping here for years and it’s never been on sale”? 

clerk:  “I don’t control what goes on sale, those decisions come from corporate” 


customer: “What do you mean I can’t return this item for cash without a receipt, I purchased this item only 6 months ago and never opened it”? 

clerk: “Because our sign clearly indicates that items above $75 can be returned within 90 days for cash, only if accompanied by the original sales receipt.  I have no proof you purchases this item here and you just admitted you purchased it 6 months ago” 


customer: “Since you don’t have this item in stock, why can’t I take the display”? 

clerk: “I can’t dismantle the display, it’s not set up by us. The vendor comes in and sets up the displays, and they only remove them when the item is clearanced.   The item will be here in about 2 days anyway”

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