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   Posted Sep 16, 2008 - Views: 2296

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I work in a pharmacy and not long ago our pharmasist had to be taken to the hospital (thought he was having a heart attack), so being that there wasn't a phamasist in the building we had to close the pharmacy. We had the gates closed and a sign on the front doors stating that the pharmacy was closed due to medical emergency. Don't know how many morons came in the store  after reading the sign on the door and asked "well can't I just pick up my meds? they have already been filled". Actually had one lady that threw a hissy fit, it was like this "look lady the pharmasist just went to the hospital having a heart attack", her stupid response was "oh", and out the door she stormed.  I guess they all  thought a medical emergency was a case of the sniffles.

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