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An Open Letter to All Customers


Dear Customers:


It would be in your best interest to exercise more empathy when you shop and or dine with us. You came into our price saving establishment for a reason. You simply CANNOT, logically, expect 5-star service from a 1/2-star business. You can expect it from ME, but not my store.


The rudeness of some of you is unbelievable. Many customers act as though a cashier is beneath them and do not respond to any type of friendly greeting when they come into the store.


I wish cell phones were banned in restaurants and retail stores because so many customers have them glued to their ears and totally ignore me. Please-Hang up your cell phone when it’s your turn to order or be rung up.


When we open up a new lane, realize that we have no earthly idea who was there first. Regulate yourselves. Yes, sometimes we do see that someone has cut in front of YOU in line. But what would you have us to do about it?


Should we take the time to call our store manager, advise them of the situation, have them review the security footage, bring out a portable media player, display the video, then choose the person who has been waiting in line the longest? I know that sounded sarcastic. But come on! Really.


I love kids. I will be nice to them. I will be kind to them. But please-if you can’t control your kids or they can not behave in store-KEEP YOUR BRATS AT HOME.


That being said, I don’t know how many parents have let their kids run screaming through the store, destroy the toy aisle, trash the Halloween section and declare anarchy in the Christmas isle.


I’ve lost count at how many kids have tripped and fell and then hurt themselves wearing those Healy shoes, (the kids shoes with the single roller skate in the heel of the shoe) cuss at the employees and how many kids have ripped open crayons or boxes, rode bikes in the store and worse.


IF I had dared even thought about acting like that in public, my parents would have picked me up, taken me home, whopped my sorry behind and then ground me for a month.


I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up trash off a table after customers when the trash can is less than two feet away.


I don’t care if your teens swear at home. I don’t care if they swear with their friends. I don’t care if they do it in front of you are not. I don’t care if you are aware of what your children say or don’t say. But don’t expect me to be nice to them if they swear or cuss at each other while I‘m trying to help them or cuss at me and/or call me a nasty bitch.


Don't expect the cashier to have the weekly advertised specials memorized. That is preposterous! Do you have any earthly idea how many things are on sale? Or how quickly prices change? Or that management “forgot” to tell us we are having a sale on such and such? Do you realize how many times management forgets to tell us things like that?


At many places like Safeway for instance, your cashier, most likely, only works as a cashier. Or only as a back up cashier. Or works only in one department. There is no reason for them to know the price of sliced bread this week. So-please forgive us when we have to verify the price of an item for you. Most companies require us to do so.


Why did I come in to work sick today?


Because a company’s benefit plan for the cashiers is nothing more than directions to the welfare office, a food stamp application packet, an application packet for that states low income health plan and two bus tickets.


Despite what the company wants you to believe, 95% of us do not have health insurance through the company we work for. Our so called health insurance is through Medicare, Medicaid or some other state/federal insurance plan. We are also expected to fork over our hard earned dollars for state funded low income health insurance plan.


99.9% of the time the so called state health insurance plan for persons of low income does not cover dental or vision. We also have very limited access to what doctors we can see.


At many places like Wal-mart and Target, you call out sick for the day- you get points against you. If you get too many points against you, (like you come down with strep for 5 days) you face getting written up and losing your job simply for being sick.


With that being said-we are more scared of paying a Doctor’s bill and losing our jobs than we are worried about you getting sick.


We are required to do more with less training, less pay, no help and zero benefits. We do not make the policies but are expected to follow them. We are given little training and a lot of things are not learned until we actually do them.


Please do not ask us to give you change when you are not making a purchase. At many places, we are not allowed to open our drawers for this purpose. This is a loss prevention issue and policy. If you make a purchase, and tell me ahead of time you need change, and I have it, I will give it to you.


Please do not scream at me and be rude if you have to wait 10 minutes to get change because you paid for $13.91 worth of stuff with a $100 bill right after the three people in front of you did the exact same thing.


If you want to match an ad item, please bring the paper with you. That will save you time at the register. I still may have to look at the ad but you will know exactly where it is in the paper. We can get in trouble for just doing the match without checking it if the amount of difference is over what the store allows.


Another thing-don't expect us to ad match no name chicken for a brand name or produce by the pound for prepackaged produce.


Do not be rude to me if I say an item is out of stock. It is. Also, do not be rude to me if a manger tells you we do have the item but I say we don’t. Why? The reason a clerk or cashier will sometimes say we don’t have an item in stock despite what the manager says is this:


You and said manager will not be the ones finding someone to help you, going to the very back of the stock room, hunting down the still freshly wrapped pallet off the supply truck that arrived 10 minutes ago and is still being unloaded, ripping off the 5 foot think layer of plastic wrap, getting it off said pallet, finding a flat cart, then hauling the crap back to the other side of the store and stuffing it in your too small car just to please you.


For the love of Gawd, if you *know* you are going to be buying a big screen TV or other item that is too big for your car, borrow a friends car or rent a truck that is big enough to haul your stuff home. I refuse to stuff a 102 inch flat screen TV into a tiny 2 seat hatchback.


If your credit card or debit card is declind, put some money in the bank and pay your bills. If you did pay your bill and you do have money in the bank and your card is still declined, take the issue up with the issuing bank. Screaming at me will not fix the issue.


Is it really necessary to fling your credit card and/or purchases at me?


If by store policy-which I am paid in peanuts to follow-I am not allowed to return your five year old drill that you claim you bought two months ago and lost your receipt- it isn't my fault and you should just live with it. There is no need to cuss at me or even throw the drill at me that I couldn't accept.


Why am I answering the store phone instead of helping you? Because many stores/businesses have a policy to answer the phone by the 3rd ring. No exceptions. Management directs the front line employees to answer the phone rather than deal with the customer already in the store because that customer is still going to stay, where as the person on the phone may or may not come.


At places like Wal-Mart, K-mart and Target-95% of our raise depends on how many items we ring up per hour -- not customer service. Sorry guys. I don’t make the rules.


We cannot take your word that you have 8 sheets of poster board. We are not saying that you are lying but maybe you thought you picked up 8 and only got 7 or 2 are stuck together and you have 9.


Above all, be nice to us, and we’ll be nice to you.




Your local Cashier.

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