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   Posted Jan 15, 2009 - Views: 2334


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  ok, so i work in the layaway dept. at kmart in savannah ga its 5 dollars just to put the layaway on and 15% down on whever your total is.In the layaway dept i have a sign thats about 5 foot tall and is on the wall so everybody can see it and i get this (how much is layaway) why don't people read anymore.The sign also say if you layaway is cancel or if it is rts(return to stock) you lose the 5 dollar non-refundable layaway fee (plus 10 dollar rts fee) and people get made at me when i tell them this. WTF They are even going to put up a new layaway window thats bulletproof. ARE YOU f******* KIddie me PLEASE READ PEOPLE
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