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   Posted Apr 14, 2007 - Views: 1956


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  I hate eating with my co-workers. Why are girls so retarded about eating honestly? I don't think you would ever hear a boy utter the words "like, oh my gosh, I'm not going to be able to eat all this, I didn't realize I put this much on my plate" why even say that at all? That's what I want to know! You either eat it all or you don't. I guess it's a psychological thing... like "oh my gosh, if I say I have too much food on my plate and can't eat it all then people won't think I'm a pig" and then they all have to agree with one another which is even more annoying... "oh I know, I got way too much on my plate too and didn't even realize it" oh yeah... because the spoon was over sized... what the hell! Thank god for my girlfriend, who didn't utter those words, I think I would have slapped her! Thank god for her little stomach pooch and healthy appetite... she's still hott as hell anyway!! She was the one at the table saying "I'll eat it if you can't finish it" the nice way of saying shut the hell up before I choke you with this burrito. And I'm sitting there eating less than any of them... cause I don't eat meat so what else is new I'm starving and perhaps I make them feel bad but I don't mean to, it's my lifestyle choice. But I'm not going to eat cake either which I don't get this at all... if your so worried about what is on your plate then why are you like "oh my gosh, cake!!" *gorges self*
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