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   Posted May 29, 2008 - Views: 1623


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This has got to be the epitomy of stupidity:

My neighbor has a 16 year old son.  He went over to his friends house and him and his friend ended up drink the beer in the fridge at his friends house.  The mother came over to my neighbor and started yelling at her, even though her son provided my neighbor's son with the beer.

She said she was going to call the cops.  We all laughed and told her to call the cops.  We explained to her that they would probably arrest her because it was her beer and her house.

Know what she said?  She said, and I quote, "Well if I call the cops and I get arrested, then so be it!"

I almost shit myself laughing so hard!

I don't know if she ever called the cops on herself or not.

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