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   Posted Jun 09, 2008 - Views: 1464


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I was walking my dog just now, and my dog is a fairly good size dog and friendly as well.  Anyways I am walking my dog on a leash in the neighborhood, and up runs this Shelty puppy with no leash.  Now, I stopped for a moment while my dog played with the small dog thinking that it may have escaped from a yard nearby.  As usual this was not the case.  I hear a voice in the distance yelling "Shelby. Shelby."  I call out and state my location, and the owner of the dog finally arrives.  Instead of this duh duh walking over to get their dog they stand back about 20 feet still calling the dogs name.  I had all ready directed my dog to sit, and she was.  After several attempts by the owner to call her, her dog bolted in her direction and then ran right past her.  Instead of continuing after her dog she looked right at me, and said "I just can't put a leash on my dog when I walk her.  My dog runs too fast!" 

Isn't that one of many reasons people keep their dogs on a leash, is because they can run really fast.  There are many reasons we walk our dogs on leashes such as the law, safety, control, and much more.  However, I know that she probably won't learn to place her dog on a leash from this experience chasing after her small dog into the night.  I just had to share this stupid comment though, because it just proves that some people just lack basic common sense.

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