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   Posted Jul 21, 2008 - Views: 1579


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You know when I am out an about and I hear a kid cussing out their parent, slapping the piss out of their parent, and just bottom line acting disrespectful towards their parent I get extremely upset.   Then when I witness this same parent being behaving like a helpless victim towards their juvenile child I want to scream.   STOP THEM!  You are the PARENT and they are the CHILD!  I was at the store the other day, and this woman passed me with her kids.  It was the cereal aisle and this kid asked for a certain cereal the mom said "No, sweetie we all ready have this cereal at home, and it's your sisters turn to pick a cereal."  This kid then does the kid thing starts to whine, you hear moms repeated "No.", and then a small popping sound.  This little asshole starts swinging on his mom punching and kicking at her, and calling her a "Stupid Bitch" for not getting his cereal.  Well this mom instead of stopping him she begins to try and reason with this 3 foot demon,  and just continues to allow him to abuse her.  She finally breaks down after several minutes and cries out "Help, I can't control my 5 year old!"  I just looked at her in disbelief, and recalled how this scenario would have played out when I was growing up.  I wouldn't have even of had a chance to hit the floor let alone my mother, and to cuss her out on top of that I would probably still be in a coma to this day.  There is nothing wrong with disciplining your kids, discipline is not abuse it is guidance for the future so your stupid kids won't grow up to be stupid adults.

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