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   Posted Feb 17, 2009 - Views: 2299

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Our company is located in a business park. There’s this older guy (about 55 years old) who does maintenance on the building and grounds. I’ve only ever given him a “Hello” and a friendly nod when passing. I’ve never talked to him before yesterday when we needed him to fix a broken water pipe.


As soon as he came in the office he starts telling us (the office staff) about “the time me and my buddies beat the crap outta those fucking guys who thought they were so tough…” and so on. I thought it was a put-on or something. When I deftly changed the topic, he simply started telling another story about how he beat the crap outta some other guys, who, no surprise, also thought they were so tough.


It’s absolutely juvenile when a 17-year-old gets drunks and talks this type of shit, but when a man who’s about 55-years-old and sober talks such nonsense, you really have to wonder what the fuck is in his head (rocks?). Especially in an office setting around ‘clients’!



The kicker?


When we asked “When did this happen?” he replied…

“Back in, like, ‘78 I think.”


What the fuck?!?!?!?

31 years ago!?!?!??!


And he’s telling it like it just happened last weekend.



And he uses the word “es-scared” as in…

“I’m not fucking es-scared of anyone, man!”



And NO… I will NOT be joining him for a beer at the local biker bar.


I’m 48. Am I going to be fucked-up one day like this guy? Or will I resort to posting posts on some obscure Internet site that hardly anyone reads?


My God, THAT would be sad.




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