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   Posted May 22, 2007 - Views: 1587


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I was in a hurry this morning to get to work on time, but I needed to stop and get gas before the long drive to work.  I was on a pretty slow street in a residential neighborhood on this overpass where there is this woman in front of me at the stop sign.  After a few minutes of her just sitting there, I was starting to get annoyed.  There were no cars as it was early and she was just sitting at the stop sign, holding everyone up behind her, which happened to be about four cars.  The 3 cars behind me, went around me and her and took off.  At this point, she gets out of the car and begins to push it.  I felt bad, because she had run out of gas and the gas station was literally 10 feet from the stop sign.  So, I drove to the gas station and ran back across the street and helped her push her to the gas station, all the while there are men pumping gas and staring at us with mildly amused looks...the bastards.  Alas, not one other person helped this woman.  Once we have pushed the car up to an available pump, I get my gas, pay for it, and walk back outside.  The woman thanks me and then gives me this sob story about how the reason she ran out of gas was because she just lost her job and didn't have any money...blah blah blah....and then she asks me for a few bucks to put some gas in her tank.  I had been so focused on rushing to get to work that I didn't even notice the state that this woman was in.  Her clothes were dirty, and she was totally strung out.  I was so annoyed, that I tried to be a good human being, only to realize that she didn't even really care, she only wanted money to aid in her crack addiction.  I sometimes cannot be an asshole, so I ended up giving her $10....and I was late to work.  So much for being nice right?

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