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   Posted Jul 02, 2007 - Views: 1580


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Adults who act like petty little children really piss me off!  What the hell happened to their brains?   Did they lose them after having kids?  Or were they all just that stupid to begin with?  Any kind of situation where adults, especially moms, get together is just a bunch of catty, brainless, high school crap!  Talking sh!t about other moms, who's not a good mom vs. who is.  Who are they "not talking to" this week!  WTH?  Cliques aren't just for 14 year olds anymore!  Cliques are now dominated by women in their 20s and 30s with no lives, who sit around and say my kid is better than yours.  But they do it in a "Nice" way, so no one will call them out on it.  Stupid witch, with her illegitimate child.  Putting everyone else’s baby down because they didn't walk or talk as fast as her kid.  Well all everyone else sees is a kid that you can't get to sit down or shut up!  (This is the kind of person who lets her 2 year old run around wal-mart ripping things off of shelves, crawling in the racks of cloths and then smiles and says "She is just so active!")  You know what I mean.  The kind of person who thinks everything her kid does is Wonderful, she thinks her kids crap should be gold platted, and ABSOLUTLY DOES NOT DISIPLINE HER CHILD AT ALL!  Then has the nerve to compare her kid to everyone else’s, like because her kid gets into to stuff, and knows how to climb shelves we are supposed to give her a gold star.  How about spank your child for climbing, have someone spank you for thinking its ok, then get the heck out of the mommy groups because lord knows there are people who are even stupider than you and will think you're a good example!  They will just continue the cycle of stupid lazy parenting and bitchy catty moms in mommy groups both in real life and online groups.

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